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The Memory of Stitches Retreat

Every stitch has a memory attached to it; its own space in time, intention and frame of reference just like the stroke of a brush applying layers paint on canvas. 

Art becomes meaningful because it has the power to express important things that would in all likelihood remain unstated.” (Modern Art, Preface by Sam Hunter/Daniel Wheeler 2004). 

 Hand-Stitching is the perfect tool for bridging the gap between fine and textile Art. Textile Art moves us in a way that connects us to our ancestors to reveal their struggles and triumphs in cloth through generations.  

In this workshop we will explore intuitive composition guided by diverse textile substrates and organic geometric forms to create an intricately textured work of Art. You may apply rich layers of straight-line stitches that invoke years of traditions and pays tribute to a surface design form, often viewed as utilitarian (the straight stitch) but no less powerful than brush strokes.