Sustainable Textile Design

Mindfulness through Stitching Studio

As an art educator based in the Midwest, I’m passionate about sustainability & urban gardening, committed to maintaining a public/volunteer garden in the downtown area where I reside with my family.

In all workshops, I encourage creative, sustainable approaches as a way to build confidence and community, with a back-to-basics approach and consciousness about resource use/waste.

What does a sustainable future look like to me? Repairing our clothes, slowing down on consumption, growing food responsibly & embracing the traditions of our ancestors, to name a few.

Mending and “making do,” has been a social activity as much as it has been a needed one, from the practice of Sashiko in Japan to the resourcefulness of the quilters of Gee's Bend in Alabama.

Our traditions across cultures and generations can help us lead sustainable and fulfilling lives, while encouraging collaboration, community and creativity.


Big Stitch

Machine piecing/hand-stitching