Let's Weave a Creative Future Together

To Weave: form (fabric or a fabric item) by interlacing long threads passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them.

synonyms:entwine, lace, twist, knit, intertwine, braid, plait, loop (google)

I have been weaving in one form or another for many years, whether it was with fabric or kraft-Tex (a leather substitute) to create placemats.

I find the practice of weaving intriguing and necessary; the interconnections of all the materials that come together to give us Art, Form & Utility. I found that even in 2015, there were not a lot of workshops in the area I reside, that “dealt” with the Art of Weaving and I was hard pressed to find books on the subject in either bookstore in my town.

In 2016, when we purchased a small parcel of land I began to look for worn and strong pieces of wood and one of those experiments came to life by using batik fabric strips; I still have this woven, natural treasure.

Below you will find samples from a few of my workshops, including pieces that I have personally completed. I’m very grateful to those that have joined me in this weaving journey.

I’m super excited to be able to team up with Purl & Loop to bring good quality looms to my students and friends. Each workshop I teach includes a beautiful loom constructed by this excellent small business based in Texas. Angela and her dedicated team create incredible products that I’m proud to use and enjoy to weave personal projects and share.

If you can, join me for a workshop or two as we weave a creative future together!

Thank you!