The Creative Pursuit of "Place"

I have always loved books and learning English really provided me with an expansive opportunity to research and learn with tenacity and out of necessity. One of my favorite words in English is "place." Look it up here

I found that "place" has a long list of meanings and we are bound to find one that aligns to our specific circumstances. I have often wanted to write a book and then I think, nah, we have enough writers and certainly someone is bound to have had experiences similar to ours in our lives. I have concluded that there are things no one really needs to know or care to read about but Art, well, that is a topic of much interest to me and one I have found as a tool to remedy doubts. 

I feel proud of my current creative place in the world (however small) and I feel that I have so much to offer to my students/friends, not because I create better and bigger things but because I have absolute hope that in Art we can live in a place of Love, acceptance and stronger relationships. 

Resilience is another word I love for it directly speaks about my journey as an immigrant and my steadfast conviction in making a positive "go" in the small town that I live in. Sometimes I encounter people that tell me "I did not know you could do that" or "I did not know you were involved in this." Frankly, I answer, neither did I. But I'm determined to work on that "place" where who I'm is fully invested in my current place.

I have my heart in the right "place;" I want to teach, share and create. Everything else, I'm not very interested in. I have decided after looking at all the other "places" I could live in for the last three years, that to find and cement my place, not being from here or there, I just need to create; create for myself. I'm hoping there are a few of you out there, that feel that in creating with our hands, we will find and rejoice in the "place" we are in.

As always, I'm so happy and inspired by the people I meet; your smiles, your encouragement and love, is "place-warming."

Warmest regards,