Adventures in Textile Arts - Seeking Traditions


Happy New Week!

Another exciting week is ahead for this girl as we enter the Fiber Arts Trail weekend in the Baraboo area this Thursday through Saturday 3/22-24. Check out the Midwest Fiber Arts Trails website for more info.

The number one thing I love about the Midwest in the world of Art, is the richness of its textile history, shared in part by the immigrants that made their homes here and by the traditions that have been passed down from all parts of the US and the world; it is the reason why I keep moving to learn about the small and big towns where these traditions are shared and lived. I know that in order to understand and share in those traditions, my teaching has to continue its mobile destiny. I love the people I get to know and the towns in which we find ourselves. We try to find the best of these towns and it usually involves learning about their heritage from foods to textiles (at least, for me).

Last week took me to the Portage Public library in the evening for the 2nd session of a two part sewing class. Next was the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts in Cedarburg, WI and on the way home, a fundraising class in Madison at Blue Bar Quilts for Days for Girls, where moms and middle-school aged daughters shared an afternoon. We were a group of 8 and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Thank you ladies!

Today finds me home "resting," which involves cooking (which I love, not baking), catching up on paperwork, unpacking and creating kits for the 32 students/friends that I get to spend time with this week during the workshops. I'm my best self teaching and nothing outside of my home life, makes me feel more alive.

A big shout out goes to my 2 troopers aka my family for their support and also discovering what Cedarburg had to offer and reporting back. I spent most of my time at the museum but they sure enjoyed the beautifully warm day we had this past Saturday. 

I hope you have a wonderful week and find time to enjoy the traditions that you grew up with, whether they involve textiles or not.

Our past is so rich with anecdotes and history that in order to move forward, we must find the time to rediscover the roots.