Manos del Uruguay Yarn - Arriving any day!

Good morning!

Some exciting news from my small corner of the world.

I love fiber, from tree branches, grasses and curly willows to hilo (thread), yarn and textiles.

I have researched and found a brand that is in line with my values as a human, woman, immigrant and creative and I feel that Manos is the perfect fit for the workshops that will be coming in 2020 such as (SURPRISE, not ready yet). Manos del Uruguay encapsulates what matters to me the most, diversity, inclusion and supporting women from around the globe. It is the main reason I have decided to make an investment on their mission and the great quality of their products to offer during Weaving workshops and add to my website shop.

My mission is not to replace any existing shop, gathering group, or to become a knitting guru. I leave that to the specialists, which I’m not. My hope is that you view my shop as a new local resource that “spins” the creative flow in a new way, giving fiber enthusiasts another option. My complete stock will be available on my website very soon.


“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith,” Margaret Shepard

Image by Soraya Garcia

image by soraya garcia