Workshop in Chicago with Lotta Jansdotter


This year I set a few creative goals for myself and once I made up my mind, I knew what workshop would take the lead. I have had a workshop with Lotta, fabric designer and artist, in my bucket list since 2012 but the timing was never right, until now! I knew that I would be able to attend after the Midwest Fiber Arts Trail weekend and a few days' gap was just what the creative doctor ordered. 

It was wonderful to be on the "student" side, eager and happy to be there surrounded by professional and inspiring women and one gentleman, ranging from stay at home artists to writers and restaurant owners. It was a delightfully sunny afternoon of art, camaraderie and relaxation for me in this beautiful loft, the home of Chicago based artist, Sage Reed. 


If you follow me, you know that I love photographs so I have included a few of my favorites here to give you a taste of what a great day this was. I came back recharged and even though it was a fast trip to the city, I'm energized and in love with a new paint (but more of that later). 

I went looking for a creative spark to compliment my Sashiko retreats and I was not disappointed. 

There is always something to glean creatively that opens up our senses and gives us a sense of perspective and hope when we engage with others; it's something that we don't usually get when we work alone. The city is part of my DNA and always invigorates me; the noise, the dust, the smells, all things I yearn for on a daily basis. 

I hope you take a class or two this year, be with others that love art or your hobby as much as you do. Search for a spark every day and minute you can and Don't Give Up, ever!