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Happy April 20th !

The birds are back to singing instead of freezing and the critters are running around the yard, doing the happy spring dance that we, nature lovers, have come to cherish.


I wanted to leave the best images from the Chicago workshop I partook in on April 7 with designer Lotta Jansdotter, for a better time and today is it.

Besides being a delightful Saturday afternoon in the city, it was a "sense-sational"  and visually stimulating time. By now you all know how much I love plants and how I love to share them with the whole community (I maintain a little garden space close to coffee bean connection downtown Baraboo, now on its 4th year).

I came back from that weekend with a clearer sense of what I wanted to do with my studio and living space. A few years ago I started to remove unnecessary furniture from the living quarters and the result is a clearer, airier space that welcomes any crowd size within reason of course! There was some hesitation from my home dwellers but we worked through it and made small changes at a time.

It is not a secret that any space that includes plants in home or business decor, it's a more welcoming space because it breathes life and infuses your space with color and texture! 

I have been known a few times to "assist" in decluttering efforts for others, I would not say that it was a loving experience for the recipients but in time they came to appreciate a clean and open space. It takes time and intention not to simply throw away items but have a plan of action so we don't end up buying more because we have less. For me, less, is enough. I need enough space to think and create but I don't want to have more space to clean.

Home & Studio of designer Sage Reed.

Home & Studio of designer Sage Reed.

Sage Reed created a space in Chicago that is calming, artistic and her own. It is an amazing studio space filled with light that she rents out for special events. I enjoyed my time in her studio and if you are curious, please look up her installations. 

This April has been filled with such great company, new experiences and wonderment.

You don't need to climb a mountain to feel accomplished or travel to exotic places. Make a space of your own where you are, that embodies your views and aesthetics and you will feel always "at home."

Celebrate all of your accomplishments, no matter how large they are. 

I leave you with a few photos of April!

P.S There is still time to join me for the April 26 & 28 Sewing classes in Baraboo and Middleton respectively.

Cheers & xoxo,