Art is a Concoction

Every summer morning feels like we possess new senses; the aroma of lilacs, the sound of small water fountains, the birds chirping by 4:30am and this overwhelming sense that the winter to get us here, was somehow worth it.

Whether you garden or not, the green, the birds and the flowers all seem like tiny little miracles after winter. I could not imagine my life without these seasons; definitely not something I grew up with but I have the Midwest to thank for. 

I see Art in all the simple and mundane things; a never ending train circling around this immense world we can't all see. 

It is easy to forget what and how we create Art and equally possible to get caught up in the "who unfollowed us in social media" and the "clicks" to bring us forth in this glorious art world. Don't get sucked in, don't worry about those little things.

We are not all destined to be "followed" and we are certainly not all destined to "lead." 

Reason and Art is deeply personal and glorious all the same. I have one million reasons to Create Art that fulfills a need like nothing else ever could. Art IS a concoction to mend bad memories and a rebirth of childhood dreams. We have to create Art in all the ways that count and have a responsibility to share it. 

Art is Home, Art is Life, Art is Optimistic, Art is Brave, Art is both Lonely & Social, Art is the other cell from which we can't ever be separated. 

I hope to see you around.

Art is Love, Love is Art

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