The Winter Palette & other curiosities

Hello Friends,

January is on its way out pretty soon but not without leaving us with a little snow and plenty of inspiration.

The calendar is bursting with techniques you will want to try, that focus on the perfectly imperfect aspects of discovery, experimentation and most importantly, Living a satisfying life. No one can do things Like You and this should be celebrated!


This month has been an incubator for the ideas that have been swirling in my mind for the last two years; I’m so grateful for my time at home “resting” this brain and exercising other parts of it (while ignoring all thought of the upcoming tax work) if only briefly. I’m also super grateful for the chiropractor (Health Source of Baraboo) that has kept me going with all the sewing/hand-stitching work I have completed this month!

There are two upcoming classes that I’m very excited about. One is tomorrow at Blue Bar Quilts; we added a few more spots. It will be the perfect opportunity to be with others on this cold Saturday.


The next workshop is January 31st - A die cutting class with a beautiful pattern that I have enlarged for maximum appeal. The original pattern is by Heather Jones Studio.

s36s065zR0an3Q0u5L2Vqg.jpg  This will take place at Ardyth’s Sew N Vac Shoppe in Baraboo - an evening class from 4 to 7pm.

I have so many fun things planned and in different stages of production. I love that small and big ideas evolve and that everything happens when it’s supposed to (I have a feeling that this is the case for many of us). I’m always searching for ways to ignite curiosity in others as much as in myself. That to me is what the essence of living is all about.

I hope you will join me in Downtown Baraboo or any of the other cities that I will be leading workshops in this year. Follow the link for calendar events


There is no canvas like fresh snow!


My new loom and fibers from @Funem Studio in Antwerp, Belgium. I LOVE trying something new. The macaroons were not made by me by any stretch of the imagination. They came straight from @thelittlefrenchbakery in North Freedom, WI.


South Central WI Shop Hop this February. I had just finished drinking my coffee and have no idea why I brought an empty mug outside, so I had to rest it somewhere ;-)


Original pattern and class taught in the summer of 2017 and finally finished.


Block-printing and mark-making sample for the summer classes coming!


Draw your own Sashiko Japanese Embroidery designs this Spring and Fall.


Draw your own Sashiko Japanese Embroidery on clothing or other items.


Experimenting with my love for nature by working with flower arrangement’s greens, dried leaves and wood blocks.

I hope you have a lovely rest to January. Don't forget to exercise the muscles of creativity because we all have them!

love + cheers,