"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." -Arthur Ashe

Good morning!


I have noticed that the earth is a little happier this week and by association, so are the humans. The birds are at it with their cheerful disposition and the sun has turned much warmer than the last three months. It has been an interesting winter, difficult to navigate both on foot and/or by car. You can’t help but feel more powerful for having traversed it’s difficult mood. in that spirit, I have worked on dynamic workshops for the next 6 months or so; if you are curious and need a little break, please visit/join me at https://www.sustainabletextiledesign.com/workshops?view=calendar&month=03-2019

You can always tell when our spirits lift; everything feels more positive and enchanting. We start making plans and filling up that summer calendar with outings and gatherings. Don’t forget yourself in the planning, something I try to remind myself of, so I have planned to attend workshops myself, to meet other creatives and learn something new or refresh the gears.

While we wait for the alluring beauty and warmth of the summer season, take a little time for art and retreat, however you choose to retreat. As for me, I can’t wait to map out new plantings for the Downtown Baraboo gardens I maintain and feel the soil between my fingers again.

Thank you to my wonderful students/friends and patrons that kept me energized and focused this winter; I feel invigorated by your support, humor and guidance and don’t forget, if you need someone to help you in the garden, discard/donate items that you feel are cluttering up your house/mind, or someone to listen, please reach out.